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What Are The FAQs - UK Global Investors

Top FAQs

What's the minimum account capital?

The minimum balance required to open a corporate trading account for your company or business is $10,000 capital, or the equivalent in your local currency. 

What is the profit goal?

While signing up for your corporate trading account, you can select between aiming for an annual profit target or a single profit goal of a fixed amount. 

Can we maintain a long term account?

Sure, this will enable your company or business to grow its corporate net worth with greater revenue. Sign up today to further secure your company’s tomorrow.

How does UKGI earn from this free service?

The global banks also called Tier 1 Liquidity Providers for our partnering brokers pay for trades. That’s why we can run a free service for our corporate clients. 

Why is your trading strategy profitable?

We deploy our highly accurate trading programs built on top class AI trading technology. Then we also apply compound interest to achieve the set profit targets. 

How is UK Global Investors different?

First, we are currently the only free B2B AI trading & investing service. Secondly, we earn the highest ROI for clients among the Global Investors’ club of companies. 

Corporate & Non-Corporate Clients

What are the FAQs - UK Global Investors

Corporate Investors

Companies and businesses whose goal is to boost their corporate earnings can signup for our AI-based forex trading service with their business email. Enjoy zero-fee, profitable investing all the way. 

What are the FAQs - UK Global Investors

High Net Worth Investors

Choose this category to sign up as a high net worth investor and start your zero-fee investment journey now. Learn how to invest fee-free and hands-free. It’s the best investment decision you will ever make. 

What are the FAQs - UK Global Investors

For More Questions

We know that every Q&A can’t be on this FAQs page. That’s why our help desk is right here. Click the Ask More button to send a quick message, or click the Whatsapp chat icon below to ask any question. 

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UK Global Investors (UKGI) provides links to selected sources of market updates. Clients searching for how to invest use those sources through UKGI’s website. The sources are part of its free service for all market traders. UKGI sometimes agrees or differs with the updates regarding how to invest. Some of the updates are the views of the authors, writers and editors. The main aim is to provide balanced views across different markets.

We expect clients and traders to be thoughtful before acting on any market info. Be careful to process the market data received from our website before using such to trade. Sometimes market data and news items shown on this website come up after some delay. Our web portal receives rates and prices as-is. The web data may sometimes differ from the rates shown at the central data bank. This means the delayed market rates may not suit some day traders looking for how to invest. Thus we will not accept any blame for losses as a result of the use of delayed data.

UKGI helps clients and traders learn more on how to invest in forex for free. Contact the broker or trading firm for more info before you deposit funds. This web portal provides free articles, news items, research and related info. Clients should use them as-is. Traders should know how the sources help them to know more on how to invest their funds in the forex market. UKGI takes neither credit nor blame from the use of its trading data. This applies to any profits or losses earned.


UKGI runs a free forex investing service by trading in the forex market. We earn profits on the capital and get paid by top tier 1 liquidity providers. Currency or forex trading comes with large rewards. The same applies to risks. Self traders must know how to invest as the rewards or risks will affect their capital. They must accept both to earn from forex or the broad financial markets. Trading results usually vary over time. Factors for this include price feeds, demand and supply, breaking news, and others. We still apply them as tools on how to invest profitably. 

Using margin to trade the markets raises the risk of profits or losses. Margin is funds borrowed from a broker. This adds to the account’s equity or balance for trading. Thus it may lead to high risk trading if lacking experience in how to invest. Take all the right steps to learn the correct info about market products. Know your financial goals as well as your risk level. Get expert advice on how to invest before making a deposit. 

Trading the financial markets which includes the forex market comes with potential risks as well as rewards. This could lead to the loss of your deposit capital. Thus, self trading may not be suitable for everyone. Knowing how to invest in the forex market is the only way to avoid such losses. The rates and prices of financial products are sometimes unstable. It is a result of factors which vary from day to day. So past results is not the only measure for future results.

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