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Investment Policy Statement

Features Of An Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

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Investor's Preferences

An IPS is a document that outlines the general investing preferences of the client, and holds the fund manager accountable to the client's minimum investment expectations.

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Investor's Outlook

This statement provides the broad investment goals and objectives of the client or investor, and describes the strategies that the fund manager should employ to meet all those expectations.

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Investor's Profile

Information such as preferred markets, financial assets, risk tolerance profile, expected return on investment, time horizon or duration are included in the policy statement.

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Investor's Guide

An IPS also helps fund managers advise clients who may unknowingly attempt to change the earning direction of their investment portfolio when markets sometimes delay or lag.

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Manager's Manual

An IPS shows an investor's goals, priorities & investment preferences. It also states a simple review process that enables the fund manager to stay focused on the long-term objectives, even if the market is fluctuating in the short term.

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Manager's Map

IPS documents are usually applied by investment managers to provide themselves with guidance for informed decision-making; thus serving as a roadmap to successful investing and a protection against potential mistakes.

"A completed IPS document is the eye that lets a fund manager see into the investment world of a client."
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