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Alfred Jones - C.V.

Computer & Information Systems Analyst

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2015 - Present

Financial Systems Analyst

– Managed the implementation of a major software upgrade, significantly increasing efficiency in the use of accounts payable and purchasing systems.
– Converted contract and payee information from a third party system to an automated system, yielding about $872,000 in additional annual revenue for the organization.
– Applied TQM principles to several financial process improvements which resulted in thousands of hours saved yearly.
– Promoted into management position after only six months as a Systems Programmer.

2013 - 2015

Systems Programmer

– Developed and implemented an automated system for processing employee timesheets, thus eliminating the need for handwritten timesheets.
– Researched, designed and developed a new software application now being used by managers throughout the organization for strategic planning and reporting.
– Recognized as Information Systems Employee of the Year for the high quality of customer service provided and the successful resolution of numerous systems problems.

2012 - 2013

Computer Support Technician

– In charge of systems administration and configuration.
– Installed and maintained office computer networks including MAC and Windows Operating Systems.
– Monitored IT Systems for Help Desk; analyzed and resolved system problems encountered by end users.
– Designed and developed all the Departments’ web portals.
– Assisted with the maintenance of all employees’ emails along with other Internet applications.



M.Sc. in Information Systems Management


B.Sc. in Computer & Information Systems


Associate Degree in Computer Science


Programming Languages 89%
Database Management 95%
Office Applications 76%
Technical Support 83%
Operating Systems 90%

About Me

Seeking to secure a position in Computers, Database and Information Systems or related fields by applying my solid academic background; along with exceptionally strong analytical, problem solving and customer service skills.


  • 4655 Bayshore Avenue, Lakeville, 55577 CA, USA.
  • (209) 4458 9944

Tricia Powell

(617) 962 8802

Jack Kessington

(510) 894 8525

Debbie Gadwick

(513) 585 5951

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I.T. Business Analyst


London, U.K.


Full time





The I.T. Business Analyst will work alongside the Business and Tech teams to provide creative solutions for our cutting-edge trading technology profile. The Analyst will be assigned the following tasks:

• Representing the interests of our clients in business  aspects
• Establishing and maintaining trusted working relationships with our clients
• Contributing to the vision and impact assessment for new or existing projects
• Leading elicitation, discovery, prototyping, and business analysis activities
• Developing tests for our automated & business driven development
• Contributing to our ever-evolving knowledge base of business ideas and profit growth objectives

• B.A. or B.S. in business, information systems, computer science or similar degree
• 5+ years of business systems analysis, architecture, or related area experience
• Experience in product development, SDLC, Agile methodologies and practices
• Excellent written and verbal communication abilities
• Prior experience in leading and implementing technology based projects  
• Great facilitation, negotiation and influence skills
• Excellent problem solving mentality
• Consistently demonstrates positive energy and strong work ethic by getting things done
• Experience in Financial Markets (e.g. proprietary trading, brokerage transactions, private equity)
• Knowledge of financial products, e-trading, order management, market data, trade clearing & processing
• Experience with visual modeling, message design + flow, process modeling, and/or data modeling tools
• Knowledge of relational databases, XML, programming languages
• Prior experience using Atlassian products (e.g. JIRA, Confluence)

Core Java Developer


London, U.K.







The C.J.D. Asset Manager is required to design and develop systems and products within the boundaries of Portfolio Analysis, Risk, Trading & Operations. Responsibilities include:

  • The individual should have a strong background in technology and financial markets
  • Be a self-starter and be able to work on small, medium to large scale projects in Asset Management
  • They should also be able to interact with a global audience including stake holders within and outside the firm

Required Technical Skills:
· Core Java, J2EE, Spring, Multi-threading and Unix
· Relational database knowledge/SQL (DB2 preferred)
· Experience in Agile/DevOps & REST-based Web services
· Analytical / Quantitative Background (Advanced degree in Quant Finance, Math, Physics or Engineering)
· Be knowledgeable in Currencies, OTC products, Commodities, Stocks, Equities, Derivatives, etc.
· Experience in working on Vendor Compliance tools such as Compliance Master, Sentinel, etc.· Ability to multi-task and work on priorities and against deadlines
· Advanced problem solving skills of real world business issues

· Strong understanding of Core-Java, object oriented programming and design patterns
· Excellent understanding of SOA architecture and middleware technologies Spring | MVC | Multi-threading | JAXB including protocols like SOAP and REST
· Good Understanding of Python or Perl will be helpful
· Good understanding of Databases (MS SQL Server & Sybase)
· Good understanding of Software Version Control, deployment tools Perforce, Jenkins CI build & SDLC Lifecycle
· Vast experience in Investment Management Compliance (understanding of Derivatives, OTC products)
· Basic understanding of C# and .NET based WPF | WCF implementations


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